Skip navigation cancer chat online community our other websites   please select... many mgs viagra should one take Cancer research uk support us patient information news & resources funding & research about us welcome, guest login register username: password: (? many mgs viagra should one take ) remember me search    go you are here : cancer chat > causes, risk and prevention > discussions up to discussions in causes, risk and prevention 1,295 views 4 replies last post: 29-may-2012 11:47 by chutney silverwirerhino 8 posts since 29-feb-2012 currently being moderated 15-mar-2012 12:49 base tongue cancer - dental work cause and what next? viagra without a doctor prescription Hi, the right side of my mouth has little tooth and is full of really large amalgam fillings.   i have had a sore throat and tongue with big ulcers under the tongue coming and going on this side for years. generic viagra online In october i had a very painfully root canal on the right lower molar. This root canal was an attempt to stop a niggle. To cut a long story short, the wrong tooth was picked and it developed into months of dental treatment, new root canals etc. Which is still underway. order viagra on line I have just been told i have cancer on the base of my tongue - right hand side. much viagra nhs prescription   i had my first night sweat shortly after the first root canal. I didn't know what was wrong with me for 5 months, but i always associated my ill health with this tooth. It was only the prospect of getting it re-treated and getting to the end of all the other work that i kept it in my mouth. The persistant sore throat right hand side from february was key to finding the cancer.   i'm now in a bit of a quandary- on one hand, it is blindingly obvious what has triggered the problem - the body can only take so much,  toxins, trauma  and messing around, and sub consciously i knew what was causing it etc etc. Or it is unrelated and nothing to do with the work. where can i buy viagra from in london I've been given the best dental care and should continue with this and keep my teeth.   i still need to get to the end of the dental work, but i tempted to pull the plug and visit a holistic dentist. compare viagra viagra viagra This would result in removing most, in not all of my rear teeth, top and bottom (i have lots of old root canals) and have dentures. Presumably this would all have to fit in with a cancer treatment plan. ( i'm a bit new to this).   i suspect my teeth will be a relatively minor problem, but i just want to know how to approach this with my consultant. Have anyone got any experience of similar or offer opinions?   thank you david. order viagra online   ps i'm a bit concerned asking this as the internet is also full of teeth and cancer quack links. And this is no place for quackery. viagra for blood pressure control Moderator_ja. buy cheap viagra


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